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5 Myths About Carpet


1. If I vacuum my carpet too much it will wear out

Studies have shown vacuuming your carpet several times a week does no more damage to your carpet than vacuuming it twice a month. In fact, the build-up of dirt and residue in carpet fibers can be harmful to your health, so vacuum frequently! 

2. Can carpet contribute to my allergy problems

Scientific studies have concluded that carpet fibers, in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particles, can actually help people with allergies. If allergens are in the carpet, they're not circulating in the indoor air stream. Using a HEPA-filter vacuum helps to remove allergy-causing particles safely.  Dalton Flooring of Southgate and Rochester offers industry-leading carpet manufacturers such as Shaw, which meet the industry's highest VOC standard, the Carpet & Rug Institute's Green Label Plus program.

3. Carpet is bad for the environment.

Carpet manufacturers must follow strict standards for eco-friendly flooring.  Synthetic carpet materials, which dominate the industry, are often reused and recycled into new carpet fibers at the end of their life. Many of the carpet lines from major carpet brands are made from recycled materials. There are also other, greener options made from natural materials, such as wool. As Southeast Michigan’s premiere flooring center, we align ourselves with great flooring manufacturers who follow strict earth-friendly standards.

4. Mold and mildew can grow in carpet

Mold and mildew exist ONLY where there is excess moisture and dirt coupled with poor cleaning and maintenance habits. Mold growth can occur on any surface–from windowpanes to carpet–that is not properly maintained and when moisture is extreme. Eliminating sources of excessive moisture, such as water leaks, and controlling humidity greatly offset the potential for mold to grow.  Dalton Flooring serves Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. 

5. Carpet is difficult to keep clean

Some believe that carpet requires much more maintenance than tile, hardwood, and other flooring applications. In truth, we at Dalton Flooring believe the level of difficulty you have maintaining and cleaning your flooring is largely depends on your lifestyle and how you care for your flooring. Carpet is like any other flooring material in this regard, in that if you don’t take efforts to maintain it, it will quickly begin to show dirt, wear, and tear. Light spot cleaning and a quick vacuum once or twice a week will remove any dirt and debris before they are ground in to create staining. Some may argue this is less cumbersome than sweeping and mopping hard-surface floors and waiting for them to dry. 

Dalton has two locations to serve you, Southgate and Rochester. Affordable options for all types of floorcovering and excellent service are the hallmarks of our name.  For a limited time, take $200 off your next order.  Serving Metro Detroit for over 40 years.

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