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5 Reasons to Install a Floating Floor

5 Reasons to Install a Floating Floor

1.    They can be installed over nearly any kind of surface.

Floating floors can be laid on top of an existing floor, speeding up the process of installation tremendously and adding a layer of insulation as well. They can be installed directly over most any surface in your house.  No need for a subfloor.

2.    They are eco-friendly.

The planks adhere to each other and not to a layer of subflooring, so they do not generally require the use of adhesives, many of which are toxic.  

3.    Ease of installation

Floating floors are easy to install, most are either click-lock version or a tongue and groove style.  They require tools that are easy for most people to supply: tape measure, combination square, power miter saw or hand saw.

4.    Floating floors are durable.

The engineered boards are very strong and incredibly stable. In addition, being less prone to expansion and contraction, floating engineered flooring are a great choice for basements, unlike other flooring which can be susceptible to warping due to high humidity levels.

5.    They are comfortable and quiet.

With a thinner plank, some find an underlayment pad will also greatly help dull any noise. Using 1/4" cork underlayment is the ultimate in sound control.  Some engineered planks have an attached cork or foam attached to each plank.  No need for a separate underlayment.

Dalton Flooring Carries the Best Brands for Floating Floors

At Dalton, we make sure you get the best brands for your Floating Floors, and we make the installation easy and efficient.