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Hardwood Flooring Trends Over the Years

Hardwood Flooring Trends Over the Years

While trends come and go in flooring, (remember the orange shag carpet of the 70s?) and other flooring choices have improved over the years (vinyl vs. linoleum), one flooring choice has stood the test of time and can last a full century (or more) of everyday wear: hardwood floors.

Though hardwood is the original flooring choice, there are all sorts of products mimicking the look.  Engineered vinyl planks, porcelain tile that looks like wood, vinyl sheet flooring are just a few examples of the myriad of other knock-offs.
Many houses built in the early 1800s and early 1900s used oak and pine primarily, as the preferred flooring choices.  Oak was typically used on the main floor, as it’s extremely hard and durable.  It was also more expensive.  Pine was frequently used on the second floor, as it was less expensive than oak, but it is also a softer wood.  Care was taken to not dent or make impressions in the pine flooring, which was difficult to avoid.  The staircase was almost always oak.

Hardwood was used in most homes through the 1960s, and came to a screeching halt in the 70s and most of the 80s.  Considered the dark age of hardwood flooring, hardwood was replaced with carpet, in every room including the kitchen and bathroom.  It will be hard to find genuine hardwood in middle class homes built in the 1970s.  Hardwood didn’t make a comeback until the mid-late 80s, and continues to be very popular with new construction homes.

Medium oak was the most popular hardwood choice for most new construction homes in the late 80s to mid 90s.  However, in the last 5-6 years, grey or whitewash color stain has taken center stage, thanks in part to the “farmhouse” trend.  White painted flooring has also made an appearance, which hark back to the late 19th century.  As of late however, dark stained hardwoods have made huge strides in home building.  Another popular choice is bamboo, which is actually made from a grass that is highly processed to produce flooring and other products for the home, and is not actually a natural hardwood.  The strands of grass are sliced and shredded, then pressed back together with heat and glue to form the flooring boards.  Bamboo is preferred over hardwood for its water resiliency, so it makes a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms, and there is no indication it’s going away anytime soon. 

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