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Why Choose Carpet?

The right carpeting can be a transformative element in your home or business. When you enter a room, your eyes naturally wander, and flooring is a big part of this first impression. This is why the right carpeting can be an exceptional addition. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell your home or enhance the value of it. Carpeting adds style, comfort, and value to a home by increasing the appeal. It’s important to choose the right carpet. It’s equally as important to ensure you have the proper underlayment. The right pads will extend the life of your carpet. It also provides cushion to make it even more comfortable.

Benefits Of Carpet

The right floor decor can add value because it enhances the overall appeal of the room. It’s practical too, because it can reduce heating costs by providing extra insulation. Extra insulation can cut your heating bill costs while making your home more attractive and comfortable. If your home is noisy with echoes, carpet can be helpful in isolating those irritating sounds.

Styles Of Carpet

Sample flooring photos courtesy of our designer brand Shaw Flooring


Berber Looped Carpet

Looped is also commonly called Berber or uncut pile carpet. Looped carpet is popular for its elegant appearance. This style features large, uncut loops of fibers varying in size and usually made from wool, nylon or olefin. It's denser than most other carpets; the looped design is highly stain resistant and is easy to clean. Berber is a popular choice for commercial businesses as it is typically durable and affordable. It style is not one to show footprints or vacuum marks. Berber carpet is not recommended for households with small children or pets. Toys or claws may snag and rug the fibers in carpet making it hard to repair.

Frieze / Twisted

Pattern Carpet

Frieze (“fri-zay”) is the most expensive and most durable of the three cut pile styles. This style creates a relaxed and informal feel to the room. The fibers curl in different directions. Frieze twisted tufts give the surface a nubby texture that covers footprints. This style is recommended for high traffic area and is frequently used for commercial businesses. It wears better than plush and textured carpets and can last 20 years or more if well maintained.


Pattern Carpet

Pattern carpet or also called sculpted or cut-and-loop, made with looped and non-looped tufts, is both durable and economical. The appeal of this type of carpet is in the visual presentation. The patterns in sculptured carpeting may be a repeating geometric shapes or lattice designs. Patterns are designed to look as if it's been cut into the carpet by using several color tones. The varied shading hides wear and soiling well, but patterns tend to wear in high traffic areas. Some sculptured carpets may show footprints and vacuum marks, depending on the height of the tallest fibers. 


Berber Looped Carpet

Plush (also called velvet or saxony) is made of closely packed individual strands standing vertical to create a lush, soft surface.  The cut carpet style produces soft texture, inviting atmosphere, and is easy to clean. This carpet style that offers a smooth and elegant appearance. Plush carpet looks well in formal dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. It is recommended in low traffic areas as this style is prone to wear and tear and can leave impressions on the surface from feet and vacuums. It shows footprints and vacuum marks and is not a good choice for high-traffic areas and active kids. The basic grade lasts about five years.


Textured Carpet

Textured cut pile carpet is also called "trackless" because it doesn't show footprints and other marks in its surface as much as other cut piles such as Plush. This style offers a soft feel. Textured carpet has more than one color of yarn and varying tuft heights that give it a casual look suited for any room. Its tight-twist thread construction helps resist dirt and reduces footprints and vacuum marks. This pile is suitable for mid- to high-level traffic areas. Texture carpet is popular with homes with children and pets. This carpet style is recommended for family rooms. It’s similar to Saxony in life expectancy and cost.

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